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At Rochelle Family Dentistry, we offer a complete lineup of dental services to meet your needs and the needs of our community.  Below are some of the other specialty services that we offer:

Nitrous Oxide - also referred to as "laughing gas" - is used to help patients relax during their visit and dental care procedures.  Nitrous Oxide has been implemented and used by dentists for over a hundred years and is 100% safe and effective at helping patients relax during their dental procedures.  The effects of nitrous oxide wear off quickly after your visit.

During your nitrous oxide treatment, you'll experience a deep level of relaxation along with effects that may include tingling in the limbs, feeling of warmth, sensation of well-being, floating or euphoric feelings, and light drowsiness.

Again, nitrous oxide treatment is 100% safe and effective for our patients and will can help you or your children be more relaxed during your treatments.

Night Guards - which are typically designed for patients that find themselves clinching, grinding, or chomping their teeth at night, are a custom fit piece that patients wear during the night while they are sleeping.  The medical term for this is "bruxism" which is the clenching or grinding of teeth at night.  

The side effects of bruxism, in most patients, is waking up with headaches, toothaches, ear aches, and a sore jaw or facial muscles.  A custom fitted night guard can you, the patient, more effectively deal and manage bruxism, and eliminate the side effects associated with the problem.

Custom fitted mouthpiece - as an athlete who plays a contact sport such as football, boxing, rugby, or even basketball, knows the importance of wearing a mouthpiece.  A custom fitted mouthpiece will not only give your teeth the protection they need while playing and engaging in these sports, but they will also preserve any custom work you've had on your teeth. 

It's critically important that your mouthpiece be fitted for your specific mouth and teeth alignment.  Only with a custom fitted mouthpiece can you guarantee the maximum amount of protection for your teeth.

Stop by Rochelle Family Dentistry today to learn more about these specialty services, and all of the services that we provide to our clients!

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