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Sedation Dentistry in Warner Robins, Ga.

Why Warner Robins Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry at Rochelle Family Dentistry 

The friendly and caring professional staff at Rochelle Family Dentistry understands that no matter how confident our patients are in our skills or how much reassurance we offer them before and during their visit, they may continue to feel nervous, fearful and anxious about having dental procedures done. Because your comfort and safety is our number one priority at Rochelle Family Dentistry, we offer our Warner Robins patients the option of choosing sedation dentistry. Patients who opt for sedation dentistry at our Warner Robins office are assisted in achieving a relaxed and worry-free mental and physical state through the use of carefully administered medications. Based on a consultation with the dentist to determine a patient's unique needs, the medication can be delivered orally with a pill taken prior to the appointment, nasally through the nose using an odorless gas or intravenously by means of a needle in the arm. There are numerous benefits to choosing this form of dentistry, also called sleep dentistry, in order to get important dental care provided at Rochelle. 

The elimination of fear and anxiety about any aspect of the procedure is the biggest advantage to using a sedative in preparation for dental work. Because dental health affects every other aspect of a person's general health, it's important not to avoid or delay getting dental work done because of nervousness or heightened anxiety due to previous bad experiences with dentists at an early age or at another dental provider. 

 Another great benefit of opting for sedation is the elimination of the gag reflex, the involuntary closing of the throat muscles that many patients experience during dental procedures. As a result, the dentist is allowed to proceed with his work unobstructed, meaning less time in the dental chair and a safer procedure overall.  

Patients who have very sensitive teeth and gums, easily experience back or neck pain, or experience soreness in the jaw due to prior medical conditions, are all good candidates for choosing sedation as the best means to achieve complete relaxation in order for all necessary dental procedures to be accomplished. To experience stress-free dentistry that is safe, offers you complete freedom from pain and fearful feelings, and enables dental procedures to be completed as quickly and easily as possible, call Dr. Frazier to schedule a consultation regarding how sedation dentistry offered by Rochelle Family Dentistry can benefit you!

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