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Sedation Dentistry in Tifton, Ga.

Rely on Safe, Skilled Sedation Dentistry in Tifton 

Residents of Tifton, GA, who are looking for qualified, skilled, experienced and safe sedation dentistry in their area need look no further than Rochelle Family Dentistry. Led by Dr. Michael Kristopher Frazier, this practice is known throughout the region as the premiere dental care professional. With a reputation for excellence, you get affordable, gentle and experienced care when you're here. 

If you have a hard time facing oral work such as cavity drillings and root canals, rest assured Rochelle Family Dentistry offers the best in sedation practices here for your peace of mind. Through the application of nitrous oxide -- more commonly known as laughing gas -- this office can help you relax during your procedure. This 100 percent safe and effective technique allows you to undergo your dental care procedure in a relaxed environment, with effects that wear off fast afterwards so you don't feel groggy all day. You may feel tingly and warm with a pleasant feeling and possibly some light drowsiness during the procedure. It's all designed to get you through the procedure in a pain-free, stress-free, way. Not everyone offers this service but Rochelle Family Dentistry does because they know some of their patients face this very real anxiety and need a bit of help. It's available for both adults and children, administered in a safe and calm setting. 

 Rochelle Family Dentistry offers many different treatment services, such as diagnosis, preventative dental care, periodontal services, restorative services, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, general services and sedation dentistry. Preventative dental care includes regular cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants to keep teeth in tip-top shape. Periodontal services aim to prevent gum disease, offering deep scaling and root planing. Restorative dentistry can restore the look and feel of your teeth through amalgam and composite fillings, crowns and bridges, dentures and partial dentures, and implants. Oral surgery is applied when damage has been caused to the teeth, mouth or jaw, with procedures ranging from tooth extraction to bone surgery. Rochelle Family Dentistry caters to the needs of kids, offer pediatric dentistry services such as fillings, pulpotomies, space maintainers, and stainless steel, custom fit mouth pieces, night guards and resin crowns. If you've been searching for a kind, gentle, experienced team to take care of your family's teeth, make an appointment today at the newly remodeled Rochelle Family Dentistry. You will appreciate the attention to detail, warm and relaxing environment, skilled staff and experienced dentistry all within one convenient location.

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