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Sedation Dentistry in Cordele, Ga.

Cordele Sedation Dentistry - Call Rochelle Family Dentistry for a less stress dental experience in Cordele Ga 

If you have been avoiding a trip to the dentist because you have major anxiety issues, sedation dentistry could be the solution that you are looking for. Many people have had traumatic experiences with their teeth or they simply wait too long for treatment and are forced to endure lengthy procedures as a result. Patients of all ages struggle with nerves when there is any kind of medical procedure. However, Rochelle Family Dentistry can make your next visit in Cordele GA less stressful. 

Sedation Dentistry: A Calm Experience 
When you visit Rochelle Family Dentistry, we'll be happy to discuss your options concerning sedation dentistry. We have a host of alternatives at our disposal to keep you comfortable and settle your nerves, regardless of the type of dental work you need. From something as minor as a filling to a root canal or pulled tooth, we want to make your experience as positive as possible. It is essential that you take good care of your teeth for your overall health and we are only too glad to assist you. 

Options for Sedation 
When you come in for an appointment, feel free to ask about sedation during your procedure. You could begin with a mild sedative to simply calm your fears and be able to relax. Another option is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, typically referred to as laughing gas. A mask is placed on the patient's face at the beginning of the procedure and the gas is administered throughout, making a person feel relaxed during treatment and able to drive home at the end. You can also benefit from intravenous sedation, a rapid form of sedation that is adminstered through a needle, acts quickly, and can put you completely at ease. In most involved cases of dental work, general anesthesia is a final option, but is typically performed at a hospital. Your dentist at Rochelle Family Dentistry in Cordele Ga will help you to determine which form of sedation will be most effective for you. 

Don't Hesitate to Call Rochelle Family Dentistry 
Don't put off that dental appointment another day due to anxiety. At Rochelle Family Dentistry, you can count on a pleasant experience as our team of dedicated staff members does everything possible to keep you comfortable. With various types of sedation available, there's sure to be a treatment option for you.

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