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Oral Surgery Warner Robins, Ga - Dr. Frazier

Oral surgery in Warner Robins - Call Rochelle Family Dental for your oral surgery and oral facial surgery needs 

In the event that you need oral surgery, Rochelle Family Dentistry can provide the services you need. Procedures offered by the office can help correct problems with the jaw, teeth or mouth. This type of surgery deals with areas of the neck and sinuses as well. Oral surgery is ideal for those who need their wisdom teeth removed due to them being impacted. The office also readies the mouth for dentures and performs root canals. 

 Tooth extractions are a common procedure in our office. Many of them are simple, but if there are any issues with the extraction, a surgical intervention can be used. Surgery is typically used when the tooth is cracked, decayed or if the tooth cannot be removed by forceps. Bone surgery is another oral surgery that people come to the office to receive. This is when the surface of the bone is smoothed and reshaped. It is sometimes used when teeth are removed. There is a socket in the gum after a tooth is removed, and there are sometimes small pieces of bone that can cut the gums. This will make the gums sore. In order to treat the problem, the dentist will contour the ridges to smooth the bone. 

 Your visit at our office begins with determining what procedure you need. A medical history will be taken, and the proper insurance forms will be filed. Before your surgery, the dentist will examine your teeth, and your teeth might be cleaned prior to the procedure. The dentist will go over the procedure with you so that you understand what will happen before, during and after the surgery. Preventative care is stressed including brushing, flossing and regular examinations at our office. Our office performs other procedures that are restorative in nature. These include amalgam fillings, crowns and bridges. Nitrous oxide is used as well as other methods of sedation so that you are as comfortable as possible. The dentist will contact you after the procedure to find out how you are feeling. Pain medications are given so that you are as comfortable as possible after your surgery.

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