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Oral Surgery in Cordele, Ga. - Dr. Frazier

Cordele Oral Surgery 

Dr. Frazier is pleased to prevent stress free oral surgery for patients in Cordele. A lot of people are decidedly nervous about the prospect of oral or dental surgery. Indeed, they might be afraid of going the dentist even for routine check-ups. But Dr. Frazier and his staff at Rochelle Family Dentistry practice a form of dentistry that puts the patient in such a state of relaxation that he or she not only won’t feel the surgery but may not even remember it. At the same time, the patient will be awake and aware enough to follow the dentist’s instructions, which is important during some types of oral surgery. Dr. Frazier begins the sedation even before it’s time for the procedure. The patient might be given a mild sedative like Valium the night before. This allows him or her to come into the office already in a state of relaxation. After this, he or she might be given nitrous oxide or laughing gas and a topical anesthetic. Besides putting him or her in a state of complete relaxation, it can allow Dr. Frazier to perform more than one procedure. 

Among the types of surgeries that Dr. Frazier performs are: 

Tooth Extraction
This also includes wisdom teeth, which erupt during a person’s young adulthood and can cause problems if the jaw is too short for them. Sometimes, a wisdom tooth erupts on its side or at an angle and needs a bit of delicate maneuvering to remove. 

Root Canal Therapy
This surgery is performed when a tooth is rotted to the point where the roots are infected or even dead. The pulp is removed and the root canal carefully cleaned out before it's filled with a substance like gutta percha. A ceramic or metal crown might then be placed where the decayed tooth was. 

Dental Implants 
Dr. Frazier also performs cosmetic surgery. With a dental implant, the dentist implants a titanium post in the bone of the patient’s jaw and waits for the bone to fuse around or even into the post. This can take a few months. When this is done, a crown placed permanently on top of the post. This surgery is performed to replace teeth that are broken, discolored, malformed or decayed. 

So, residents of Cordele no longer need fear oral surgery. If any Cordele resident believes that dental surgery could benefit him or her, he or she should give Rochelle Family Dentistry a call for a consultation.

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