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Warner Robins Dentures

 People often think of dentures as something for old people, but this is not the case. People of any age who have missing teeth can wear them, whether full or partial. 

 If you’ve ever thought about getting missing teeth replaced or even having bad teeth pulled and replaced with false teeth, ask yourself how you feel about your teeth now. Are you embarrassed to smile or laugh in front of other people? 

Do you smile with your mouth closed in pictures? If you can answer “yes” to these questions then you could benefit from having a better smile, which can do wonders for your self-esteem. As for the function of your teeth, ask yourself if your teeth right now are functionally as well as they should. Do you a have few missing teeth that make it difficult to chew? 

Do you have loose, painful teeth that prevent you from eating some foods you love? If this is the case, then replacing your teeth can let you eat what you want again, chew properly, and improve your digestive health. Getting artificial teeth can be both a functional and cosmetic procedure. Partials, also called bridges, replace missing teeth when there are still natural teeth present. 

The bridge is designed to fit your mouth, with false teeth placed where they need to be and held together by metal wires. This is an excellent way to replace a few missing teeth when your remaining teeth are healthy. Complete dentures are actually two separate arches, one for the top and one for the bottom. At Rochelle Family Dentistry, Dr. Frazier will work with you to determine what the best restorative option is for your particular case. In certain cases, temporary dentures can be placed immediately after any remaining teeth are removed. 

A permanent set is placed after about eight to twelve weeks when your gums have completely healed. If your teeth hurt, are weak, or you just don’t like your smile, don’t wait any longer to do something about it. 

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