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Dentures in Cordele, Ga.

Call Rochelle Family Dentistry, Providing Dentures to Rochelle, Ga. Customers Finding out that you may need dentures can cause you some anxiety. Because they can affect everything from the way you smile and speak to the way you eat, it is important to make sure they are fit properly to your mouth. Choosing the right dentist can help take away some of the anxiety that comes with such a crucial and serious procedure. 

Choosing a dentist who explains procedures thoroughly, who is comforting and who has the right expertise is important. In terms of comfort and expertise, Rochelle Family Dentistry is one of the best places Rochelle residents can go to to receive dentures. Its staff members pride themselves on providing understanding, gentle care to customers of all ages. They greet customers at the door. Rochelle Family Dentistry also prides itself on providing affordable care. It offers flexible payment options, including payment by cash, credit card, check or care credit. Customers have many options when it comes to scheduling appointments. 

Rochelle Family Dentistry is conveniently open from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 5:00, with a lunch break between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00. Appointments can be scheduled online or by telephone. Rochelle Family Dentistry's dentist, Dr. Michael Kristopher Frazier DMD, is a life-long resident of Georgia, who became interested in the medical field after he received medical attention himself after a horse-training accident. 

His own experience with medical assistance made him sympathetic to the needs of others and gave him the desire to help others as he had been helped. He has been involved in several outreach programs to local elementary schools. Rochelle Family Dentistry has very loyal customers. Some are willing to travel distances of more than 100 miles to keep their appointments. Dr. Frazier provides both full and partial dentures to customers, depending on what they require. 

He and his staff are careful to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment options. 

They also offer other restorative treatments, including amalgams and composite fillings, crowns and bridges and restorative implants. 

Rochelle Family Dentistry promises its customers that it will provide them with uncompromising excellence and professionalism.

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