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Chairside Composite Veneers

Dr. Frazier free hand sculpted these composite veneers on peg (small) laterals to make them the proper size so the Orthodontist could finish aligning them to make a beautiful smile!

Retracted View Before
Dr. Fender in Tifton, GA contacted Dr. Frazier to place composite veneers on the peg (small) laterals of this patient so he could finish orthodontic treatment for the patient. The goal he wanted to achieve was to make the teeth the correct ideal size so Dr. Frazier began by taking measurements of each front tooth and calculated the correct width of the teeth according to the "Golden Proportion Rule" and began adding tooth colored composites to build and shape the teeth to the correct size and shape.


Occlusal View Before
See the spacing between the centrals and laterals.


Finished Veneer Case Full Smile
The goal was to make the teeth anotomically the correct size so that the Orthodontist could finish closing the spaces to give the patient a beautiful smile. Mission Accomplished!


Up Close of New Composite Veneers